4690781 E1:Y7:A19:S2:M15:D2 [21-March-2019 C.E.]


Goods and Services


In accordance with North Carolina General Statutes Chapter 61, the The Kerubale Abegaz Estate AKA True Trust Identity: 283181-282131-023005 (Hereinafter: “the ecclesiastical estate”) is, ipso facto, a subsidiary of a transparent, unincorporated, nonprofit, autocephalous Religious Society that is headquartered in the State of North Carolina known as UCADIA ECCLESIA FOUNDATION (also known as THE HOLY SEE OF UNITED SPIRITS, THE SOCIETY OF ONE HEAVEN, and THE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA DOCUMENT ID: C201708000547).


The visitor should note that this website doubles as the official website for UCADIA ECCLESIA FOUNDATION. UCADIA ECCLESIA FOUNDATION® conducts Religious mass intentions services, namely, providing for the arrangement of mass intentions for the deceased and or living and Ecclesiastical services, namely, ordaining ministers to perform religious ceremonies.


THE KERUBALE ABEGAZ CHARITABLE FOUNDATION®, LLC conducts charitable fundraising services to promote research, education and other activities relating to assisting people in overcoming cognitive and spiritual disabilities; and charitable fundraising to support research and development on an incorporated nonprofit community foundation that supports the common good through monetary and non-monetary contributions in order to sustain, improve, and strengthen ecclesiastically held alliances across virtual supply chain networks worldwide; and charitable fundraising to support a transparent, unincorporated, autocephalous religious society that conducts ecclesiastical services and religious mass intention services.


The most authoritative and highest Gazette is THE UCADIA GAZETTE ONE HEAVEN EDITION® (i.e., after SOL E1:Y0:A68:S1:M13:D5 [Sunday, 25–11-2012 C.E.]) which is published by Divine Authority in accordance with the living body of Divine Canon Law known as Astrum Iuris Divini Canonum and Pactum De Singularis Caelum and is the Official Newspaper of Record for the ecclesiastical estate and a modern, efficient way to disseminate and record official, regulatory and lawful information in print, online and electronic forms. The production of a copy of an official publication of The Official Gazette, containing copies of orders or adjudications (i.e., religious circular letters) in the form of joss papers is evidence of the fact in all competent forums of law.


The original particulars that correspond to the ecclesiastically held intellectual property constitute the ecclesiastical documents and ecclesiastical books (i.e., the Manor Roll, Master Register, Register of Titles, Register of Claims, and Register of Accounts) that are secured within the Chancery of the ecclesiastical estate on behalf of the Holy See of United Spirits. In accordance with Canon 7166 of Astrum Iuris Divini Canonum:


  1. All Records that enclose the intellectual property are wholly and exclusively Ecclesiastical Property and can never belong to a Trust, or Estate, or Fund, or Person that formed or inherited it. Instead, all Records that enclose the intellectual property are the property of the Holy See of United Spirits;


  1. All Records that enclose the intellectual property are hierarchical in their inheritance of authority and validity from the Holy See of United Spirits, beginning with the highest being the Great Register and Public Record of One Heaven as it appeared prior to SOL E1:Y0:A68:S1:M13:D5 [Sunday, 25–11-2012 C.E.]. A Record that cannot demonstrate the provenance of its authority over the Records that enclose the intellectual property, has none and shall be null and void from the beginning;


  1. As all Records that enclose the intellectual property are wholly and exclusively Ecclesiastical, absolutely no clerical or administrative act may take place in association with such Records unless by a duly authorized Trustee under active and valid sacred Oath or Vow in a manner consistent and in accord with Astrum Iuris Divini Canonum; and


  1. The entry of the elements of a Record is wholly invalid unless the memorial or deed of the act giving authority is done without duress, is done freely and with full knowledge and is consistent and in accord with Astrum Iuris Divini Canonum and Pactum de Singularis Caelum.


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