Are you interested in becoming a Social Entrepreneur?


UCADIA ECCLESIA FOUNDATIONĀ® is a transparent, unincorporated, autocephalous religious society headquartered in the State of North Carolina that conducts religious mass intentions services, namely, providing for the arrangement of mass intentions for the deceased and or living; and ecclesiastical services, namely, ordaining ministers to perform religious ceremonies.


THE MINISTER-GENERAL OF THE KERUBALE ABEGAZ ECCLESIA INC occupies the position of Apostolic-General of UCADIA ECCLESIA FOUNDATION, and he firmly adheres to the notion that positive collective change begins with a network of empowered individuals.


The Most Rev. Kerubale G. Abegaz aspires to help strangers become effective social entrepreneurs with side projects of their own that benefit the general public too. This is accomplished through the ordination of certain men and women in the United States as heads of religious households.


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